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Patola | Royal Clothing of the King

Antique Patola by Ikat Gallery Luxury Collection

What is patola?

Patola is the most refined and luxurious Ikat, often made from silk that originated in India approximately 800 years ago. The technique of making this luxury textile is called double Ikat, one out of three ikat types with the most challenging technique to make. Back in the old days, only those who belong to royal and aristocratic families can wear this luxury Textile.

Antique Patola by Ikat Gallery Luxury Collection

Why patolas is so expensive?

The process of creating Patola is really complex and time-consuming. On average, it could take six to one year to make a patola. The weavers need to be specially trained for many years to master this technique. It requires a mathematical approach because the Patola must be woven vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft) to create the design. Patola weaving requires a lot of precise mental calculations, vivid imagination, patience, undivided attention, and hand skill. If one mistake is made, the process must begin all over again.

Patola in Indonesia

Patola was first Introduce in Indonesia in the early 17th century. It was used as a token of the alliance to various kings and noble In Indonesia. The uniqueness of having two designs, front and back, with rich color and complex motif makes Patola highly desirable among the Indonesian royal family. Since then, Patola has influenced the design of Indonesian textiles.

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