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IKAT galleri was first open in 1980 , we started as a antique shop that is specialize in ikat textile and handicraft. throughout the years we successfully expanding our product  in luxury antique furniture and fine jewelry

From the experience working as an art dealer for over 40 years , we understand the needs of our prestigious client in searching high quality of art. 


Our business has been entitled the name “ Ikat Galleri” due to its historical and antique art that acquires museum like qualities.


Our vision is to provide the finest art to our clients and especially to those who are art enthusiasts, we believe that  having the eminence of a fine art is part of a luxury that people can appreciate due to it is own uniqueness


 The antique art that is displayed in our store have their own historical story and meaning


Each and every piece of art in our store is genuinely hand crafted by quality old material. Our store is limited meaning that majority of the product that we provide are not being produced anymore. 


Luxury in Art is both an indulgence and an investment

Indonesia is well known as the country with the most islands in the world. that’s why Indonesia gained the reputation as “paradise with a thousand islands” with unique culture, history and heritage. Ikat gallery has searched across all of Indonesia’s 17,508 islands and only displays the highest quality pieces. Along with its extensive and rare collection, Ikat gallery ensures all its displayed pieces authenticity through several professional background and screening checks.

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