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Sumba Heritage Jewelry Mamuli

Mamuli is a traditional ornament from Sumba Island. This art piece was initially used as an ear ornament to elongate the earlobe back in ancient times. Back in the old days, women ( and sometimes men ) in the Sumba tribe use this as a symbol of status and beauty.

The design of Mamuli resembles female genitalia, which is supposedly a symbol of prosperity and power. The Materials are usually made from gold, silver, or other precious metals. In Sumbanese mythology, precious metals are assumed to have a celestial origin. Mamuli is also believed to have a supernatural power which used as a relic to communicate with the spirit of the ancestors and a good luck charm.

Nowadays, Sumbanese people use Mamuli as a precious ceremonial gift on essential occasions such as marriage. Usually, the groom gives Mamuli to the bride to symbolize a family heirloom that is often passed from generation to generation.

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