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Loro Blonyo

The name Loro Blonyo, is derived from Javanese words "loro" which means two, and "blonyo" which means makeup. The statue is dressed like a bride and groom wearing a Javanese traditional royal wedding dress. The female statue wears a typical Javanese dress, namely "kemben" with additional makeup on the forehead known as paes and jewelry on her hair known as "sunduk mentul." The male statue wears long cloth known as "dodot" and a "kuluk kanigara" or headgear of kings in black with yellow lines.

According to Javanese mythology, the female statue is a symbol of Dewi Sri, also known as the Goddess of Fertility. Meanwhile, the male statue is a symbol of Dewa Wisnu (Lord Vishnu), or Prince Sadana as the embodiment of Dewa Wisnu on earth. The two were then brought together and became a couple. The statue is believed as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The myth further says that the statue can determine the sustainability and prosperity of the family who has it in their home.


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